Patent Protection

Protecting Your Innovation Globally

IDG: Your Patent & Innovation Specialist

With our experts in various fields of patent law, science, engineering, and industrial design, we will extract the core of your innovation,
and provide you with end-to-end services from patent specification drafting, drawing preparation, documentation, patent searching,
patent filing and prosecution, as well as patent analytics, planning, and strategy formulation. Our global patent services cover invention patent,
utility patent, petty patent, utility model, design, and industrial design patents either via direct application in your jurisdiction of choice
or utilization of the PCT system. Furthermore, we offer you a systematic tracking of your competitors’ patenting activities,
providing strategic patent portfolio management, as well as strategic patent litigation and enforcement supports.


  • Patentability search
  • Report with prior arts information and recommedation

Thailand Patent

  • Thai patent application drafting
  • Patent drawing
  • Patent filing & prosecution
  • Thai Patent registration

* By registered patent agents *

Global Patent

  • English patent application drafting
  • Patent drawing
  • Patent filing & prosecution via direct, PCT, or regional route
  • Patent registration & management in foreign jurisdictions

* By registered patent agents *


  • Technology landscape analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Whitespace analysis
  • IP valuation analysis
  • IP acquisition/M&A analysis

* Use advanced patent analytics tools *


  • Fundamental IP Basics
  • IP & innovation strategy
  • Patent drafting & searching techniques
  • Technology & patent analysis
  • Technology & patent valuation
IDG companies recruit highly qualified international IP practitioners and work with top IP law firms globally. We can provide end-to-end invention patent, utility patent, petty patent, utility model, and design patent registrations in Thailand and around the world through Direct Route, Regional Route, and PCT Route. We can help you expand your innovation market effectively and facilitate your overseas IP commercialization activities.

Patent Analytics

The process of screening and providing in-depth analysis from patents and relevant documents in certain industry or technological innovation in order for you to see the big picture of technology or to gain various dimensions of insight at the national level, international level, and global level which benefit strategic planning or business decision making as well as enhancing your technological innovation for the best of the market

Technology Trend

Get the idea of technology and industry through patent analytics

Technology Review

Find the gap and opportunity for technological development through technical patent analytics

IP Portfolio Audits

Examine IP strategy of a certain company to identify its strength and weakness

Competitor Monitoring

Gain a competitive advantage in technological development through the study of competitor’s patent portfolio

Technology Transfer Analysis

Seek opportunities for a transfer of patented technology

Market Risk Analysis

Reduce a risk of patent infringement through the study of patent in relevant industry or technology