Designing For Local Consumers

Localize Your Brand in Thailand and ASEAN.

Our brand design services can help you better streamline and resonate your brand with the local consumers by designing and enhancing the image of your brand through website, social media pages, marketing collaterals, and its marketing and communication efforts in order to expand your business successfully to the target region.

Brand design and localization are essential tools to give you a better understanding of the local consumer trends—their tastes, inspirations, and preferences. To successfully expand your business to Thailand or Singapore, we need to focus on designing the right brand image that fits in with the real local consumers and context.

Planning Brand Website, Social Media, and Packages

IDG’s Brand Design Advantages.

Team of local branding and design specialists working alongside you to suggest plans according to your requests

Strong understanding of the local business and consumer landscape

Analysis with data-driven consumer insights & market analytics tools

Service Flow

From Brand Planning to Design.

Step 1
Brand Research from Consumers’ Perspectives

We will research the information regarding your brand, product, and service from consumers’ perspectives in the local market.

*Pricing depends on the selection of methodologies and extensiveness of the research project*

Step 2
Brand Localization Strategy

After receiving a report from the consumer local behavior survey, we will make a local marketing plan, determine the direction, make a marketing plan that is suitable for the brand and reach out to local consumers.

Step 3
Brand Design

After determining the marketing direction of the brand, we will determine the design direction in accordance with the strategy. Through communication via visual, color to be used with package, label, publication, banner, and other online media, we will create a design that conveys the brand image and stands out at the same time.

*Pricing depends on the product list that the customer chooses to design*

Step 4
Localizing Brand Identity

Considering your business model, target group, and brand personality, we will build the brand identity in the local market that not only stands out but also conveys your messages effectively.

*Pricing depends on the product list that the customer chooses to design*

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