Market Research in Thailand & ASEAN

Essential Pre-Entry Market Research in the Thai and ASEAN Markets.

Our market research services can help you evaluate the opportunities and threats of expanding your business to Thailand or Singapore as an initial or key operating country in Southeast Asia. Conducting market research and assessing market opportunities correctly are important to ensure that you have the right business model, product/service, or innovation for the right market at the right time or you should reassess and pivot your business to fit in the context of the local market and consumer needs. It is an essential flow when expanding business in Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand.

Why IDG?

IDG’s Market Research Advantages.

Local branding and marketing specialists

Strong networks with local industry and business leaders

Data-driven market analytics tools

Service Flow

From Business Plan Suggestions to Research Operation & Valuation.

Step 1
Analyzing Your Current state of Business

We will collect and assess the information from you regarding your business and your industry, products/services, competitors, market size and demand, target consumers, key resources and capabilities, your growth strategy, etc.

Step 2
Developing Market Research Proposal

We will develop our market research proposal for your specific requirement for the target market for which may utilize a unique set of information gathering methodologies chosen from quantitative (e.g. surveys, questionnaires, polls) as well as qualitative (e.g. social media monitoring, focus-group interviews and ethnographic research).

Step 3
Conducting Market Research

Based on the chosen methodology we will begin implementing our research with the target groups/users who will help us assess the potentiality of your business in the target market, whether it is the Thai or Singapore market.

Step 4
Assessing Market Research Outcome

Our team of experts will analyze the collected data from both quantitative and qualitative standpoints. Throughout the research, we will inform you of the market insights we receive and discuss some thoughts, comments, or expectations with you on an ongoing basis.

Step 5
Finalizing The Market Research Project

A final report (normally delivered in a presentation or powerpoint format) will be prepared for you with full details on the objective, methodologies used, results, and further suggestions, with raw data included.

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