Innovation Landscape Analysis

Researching Competitors and R&D Partners in the Market.

Innovation landscape provides a snapshot of your technological innovation in a specific market(s) to help you with strategic decision-making. What are the latest technologies and innovations in that market? Who are the key innovators there? Who could be good open-innovation partners in Thailand, Singapore, or the whole ASEAN?

Innovation landscape report will provide you an insight regarding the dynamics of your industry or your field of technology. The insight from the landscape will help you to become a better innovator or to facilitate you in technology co-development or technology transfer decisions with your international counterparts or partners.

Researching Current Market Leaders

IDG’s Local Innovation Research Advantages.

Experienced patent and innovation analysts and patent attorneys.

Utilize best-in-class innovation analytics tools to visualize millions of the patent and innovation data.

50+ innovation landscaping projects conducted.

Service Flow

From Big Data Collection to Complete Analytics.

Step 1
Assessing Product & Technology

We will begin by collecting and assessing information from you regarding your product, innovation, and technology profiles to understand your technology development and exploitation goals.

Step 2
Scoping the Project

We will prepare a  proposal based on your specific requirement such as to understand the local competitors’ innovation strategies, find the whitespace in the target market, or search for research and open innovation collaborators.

Step 3
Conducting Patent & Innovation Searches

Once the objective is verified, we will start collecting patent-based innovation data from our innovation analytics tools.

*pricing depends on the extensiveness of the objectives and the amount of data to be analyzed, interpreted, and translated*

Step 4
Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis

Patent data, both quantitative and qualitative in nature, are cleaned, analyzed, and interpreted by our analysts. Visualization tools may be used to make the data easier to comprehend.

Step 5
Finalizing Innovation Landscape Project

The innovation landscape report (normally in powerpoint format) will be shared with you as well as all raw data and access to the full patent documents.

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