Pre-Entry IP Rights Validation

Identifying Existing Patents & Trademarks Before Entering The Market.

Freedom-To-Operate (FTO) is the act of ensuring that the subjected brand, technology, and product are safe to be promoted and marketed in the target country. Our FTO services can help you identify any existing patents and trademarks (i.e. FTO search) in Thailand, Singapore, and around the region that could be threatening your Go-To-Market plan.

Conducting an FTO analysis is an important first step to identifying risks of infringing related IP rights in a certain target country.

Forefront Legal Investigation in Patent & IP

IDG’s Pre-Entry FTO Research Advantages.

Certified IP Lawyers and Patent Attorneys

Team members including former patent officers and trademark examiners

Team members well-versed in the patent and trademark search and analysis tools in the target country

Service Flow

From Brand Research to Risk Management Reporting.

Step 1
Assessing Product, Brand, & Technology

We will collect and assess information from you regarding your brand  and technology exploitation plan in the target market to identify intellectual property (IP) protection and infringement risks you may likely encounter once you are in the market.

Step 2
Conducting Patent & Trademark Searches

Once we understand your IP risks, our IP team will conduct a detailed trademark and/or patent searches and gather the search results for you.

* Pricing varies depending on the extensiveness of the FTO search and additional services such as local document translations*

Step 3
Patent Claims & Trademark Comparisons

Your brand and technology profiles will be compared with the existing prior arts whereby similar trademarks or local patent claims will be pinpointed by our trademark and patent attorneys.

Step 4
Risk Assessment & Reporting

Our IP experts will generate a written opinion with supporting data from our FTO searches to help you identify the possible IP risks related to your products/services as well as to suggest some of the strategies for you to prevent or circumvent such risks.

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