Strong Brand Name to Attract Local Partners & Customers

Brand and Product Localization in Thailand and The Region

This service analyzes your scope of business, market, and competitors to generate the most memorable brand name in Thai and English with true distinctiveness and increase local customer engagement. Our experienced Thai-English-Japanese-Chinese interpreters will work alongside you throughout the process.

A good name is the foundation of a successful localized branding strategy. Our brand naming specialists can help you create a name that has a sound and meaning related to the original.

Localization into Many Languages

IDG’s Brand Naming Advantages.

Strong understanding of the local business and consumer landscape

In-housed trademark attorneys to ensure that the name can be protected as a local trademark 

In-housed consultants with proficiency in English, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese

Service Flow

Consulting From Brand Research to Naming.

Step 1
Explain Your Business

Explain to us what kind of business you’re starting.

Step 2
Understanding Brand Meaning and Vision

We will start by understanding your brand and vision considering the connotations and implications of each. Do those fit your purpose?

Step 3
Generate Potential Brand Names

We will create a list of words that relate to your brand identity. We will make sure that all the names on the list meet the legal requirements, are unique, and allow you to get hold of all the relevant social handles and web domains.

Step 4
Revision Based on Your Feedback

We will repeat this process until you find a name that feels right.

Step 5
Ideal Brand Name Chosen

Pick the right name and show off your new brand to the world!

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