“Go-To-Market” Pre-Entry Research

The keys to success for business internationalization are to know the users or customers well and find a business model that fits the local market.

We have developed a suite of “Go-To-Market” services to provide comprehensive analysis and insights regarding your type of business in Thailand and other ASEAN countries.

  • Market Research

  • Pre-Entry FTO Research
  • Innovation Landscape Research

  • Business Matching

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Market Entry Preparation

Understanding legal and regulatory implications is another key to business success. We have developed a suite of “Market Entry” services to specifically help you throughout your business set-up in a foreign country. Through this service, we protect your key business assets in Thailand and Singapore.

  • IP Registration
  • Company Establishment Support

  • Regulatory Services

  • Trademark Design & Brand Naming

  • Brand Localization

  • Licensing & Franchising

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“In-Market” Management & Protection

In order to expand your business in ASEAN countries including Thailand, thorough market research, evaluation, and planning are essential. We have assimilated a suite of “In-Market” services to help you better operate and scale your business in Thailand.

  • Digital Marketing & Branding

  • Accounting & Taxation Services
  • IP Monitoring & Enforcement

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Business Growth

Growing a business in a foreign country is never easy and sometimes a strategic decision must be made to maintain or to scale the business through divestiture or acquisition of a local business, forming a strategic joint venture, or expanding its investments into promising local startups. With our “Business Growth” package, we provide IP evaluation and regulatory advice for your business expansion.

  • IP & Business Valuation

  • Ongoing IP & Legal Advice

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