Getting Your Product FDA-Certified.

FDA & Other Procedure Support Needed for Product Sales in Thailand and across the region.

These services will help you shortcut through the Thai registration and licensing processes and secure approval for your food, drug, medical device, or cosmetic product from the Thai Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) or the Medical Device Control Division before importing your food, medicine, medical device, or cosmetics products to Thailand.

Entering the Thai market requires that all product importers obtain FDA registration and/or licenses before importing and selling products in the online and offline markets in Thailand.

Registration & Valuation

IDG’s Regulatory Services Advantages.

Experienced with Thai FDA procedures

Strong connection with the local FDA authority

In-housed consultants with proficiency in English, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese

Service Flow

From Research to Product Registration.

Step 1
Checking If a License is Required

Before importing or exporting products to Thailand, some product(s) may require a license or permit depending on the category. We will help you check and inform you which license is required.

Step 2

We will help you throughout the registration process for Manufacturing License and Importation License including the approval of food additives and labeling & advertising approvals. We can seamlessly guide you through the strict government requirements from start to finish, help you avoid common pitfalls and find a flexible solution that works best for you.

Step 3
Importation License / Product License

A license is required for the import of products into Thailand . If a product, either manufactured or imported, is categorized as Specific-Controlled Food, it must be registered. Analysis of the product as well as details of the process and ingredients are required for the registration process and the standard of these food products have to meet the standard specified in the Ministerial Notification.

Step 4
Labeling Approval/ Advertising Approval

Some products such as dietary supplements are required to bear labels containing Thai language and subjected to be approved by Thai FDA prior to the sale in the market. For food products, in general, labeling must follow the Notifications of the Ministry of Public Health No.194 (B.E.2544).

Step 5
License Per Invoice (LPI)

The customs clearance process for medical devices in Thailand requires a License Per Invoice (LPI), which is approved by the Thai FDA for each shipment. We can help you submit LPI to the Thai FDA system before customs clearance.

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