Intellectual Design Group Company Limited (IDG) offers Intellectual Property (IP) and Innovation Consulting Services—ranging from brand and new product design, protection, and commercialization. With offices in Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar and ASEAN, our highly experienced team of IP lawyers and innovation strategists, brand designers, patent agents and engineers, and licensing and franchising specialists can help transform your ideas into your most valuable and sustainable products and services.

We have been entrusted by +3,000 clients from high growth SMEs an start-ups, multinational companies, as well as individual innovators and

Universities from public and private sectors across Thailand, ASEAN, and around the globe.

Our Team

Our services suit you best if you are


Trademark and intangible asset protection and management presently become essential in an increasing contestability of markets. We can provide you with a business-risk assessment and turn a crisis into a business opportunity.

Engineer & Scientist

To become a successful and sustainable organization, an innovation is a key. We can provide you with a potential assessment of your research and development project and guidance on rights protection as well as commercialization.

Artist & Musician

As an owner of your creative works, do you realize the rights and its commercial benefits? We can provide you with a strategic licensing framework to visualize the potential of your rights.

Product Designer

Product designer should be aware of IP strategy in order to protect your own valuable creative works from an imitation by your contestants.

Chief Executive Officer

Presently, many corporations increasingly own intangible assets and it is agreed that the assets become competitive benefits. Thus, proper management and strategy greatly help you achieve business success.


Does your client urgently need help in a complicated IP litigation? We are pleased to provide you and your clients with a consultation in all IP cases.

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