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A leading Market insight, intellectual property and innovation consulting firm dedicated to designing, protecting, and commercializing your products and innovations. Our expert team of intellectual property lawyers, attorneys, patent agents, designers, and business advisors can help you turn your ideas into the best products and services.

We have been providing the highly quality services and solutions that deliver great values to our customers (see our clients) from large multinational corporations to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), technology start-ups, universities, research institutes, and individuals.



A dynamic and innovative intellectual property (IP) law and consulting firm dedicated to designing,

protecting, and commercializing your brands and innovations, globally.

IDG Services

Design l Protect l Commercialize





Our graphic and industrial designers have helped clients to proactively expand customers’ awareness and loyalty for their brands, products, and innovations. Our design services cover anything from logo, packaging, corporate identity, media banner for digital marketing, to mascot, innovation, and industrial product design works.

brand and logo

• Brand & Logo

• Corporate Identity & Media

• Packaging

• Industrial Design

• Mascot

• Digital Marketing Campaign

• Innovation


Our certified lawyers and attorneys, and registered patent agents have successfully applied, prosecuted, enforced, litigated and advised on behalf of clients in Thailand and ASEAN and we continue to evolve ourselves to provide comprehensive, up-to-date legal services to ensure clients with premium quality and affordable price points.

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• Trademark

• Patent

• Copyright

• Trade Secret

• Legal Consultation

• IP Litigation & Enforcement

• IP Audit & Monitoring


Our IP strategists, business developers, and marketers have brought together their talents and dynamic experiences to implement successful monetization strategies for IP owners over the past decade. Our commercialization services enable clients to envision their go-to-market strategies that create real results. We then connect our clients with the right users, partners, customers, licensees, or franchisees with the right strategy and mechanisms-all to ensure maximum utility and minimum risks.

• Market Entry Research

• Consumer Insights Analysis

• Licensing & Technology Transfer

• Franchising

• IP Strategy & Management

• Technology Landscapeing

• IP Commercialization Platform

Our Expert Team

WE ARE PROFESSIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND INNOVATION PRACTITIONERS. Our team is reinforced WITH TALENTED innovation strategists, patent & trademark attorneys, patent engineers & scientists, designers, and business developers. YOU CAN ENTRUST US TO DESIGN, PROTECT, AND COMMERCIALISE YOUR VALUABLE INTANGIBLE ASSETS.


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Let us design, protect, and commercialize your brand & innovation.

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