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Comprehensive Support for International Business Expansion to Thailand and ASEAN.

Strong track record of conducting business research in various industries with strong knowledge of marketing, finance, design, engineering, IP, and law.

Consultants with knowledge and practical experience related to Thai and ASEAN markets, especially in the fields of market research, IP law, design, and digital marketing.

Provide fully-customized solutions to meet our client’s business needs, requirements, and planning.

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A Team of Experts to Support Your Business in Thailand and ASEAN.

IDG, centered in Thailand, is a unique company that supports business expansion into ASEAN countries. We will thoroughly support foreign companies and entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a business or expanding their base into Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, and Southeast Asia (ASEAN).

Pre-Entry Market Research
Market Entry Support
In-Market Administration and Legal Support
Business Growth Support
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Our Team

Practitioners and Experts from Various Fields Across Industries.

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We Support These Leaders & Visionaries

Regardless of Industries.


In a highly competitive market, protecting and managing brands and key intangible assets have become quite essential. We help to assess their business risks and provide support to turn them into the greatest opportunities.

Engineers & Technicians

We support the protection and commercialization of technologies, R&D-based products, and patents that are key to the success and sustainability of the organizations.

Artists & Musicians

As artists, do you know your IP rights and commercial interests of your creative works? We can help you create a value position, strategic licensing framework and roadmap to maximize your full potential.

Product Designers

Your product design could be seriously compromised without the right IP strategy—from product creation, protection to commercialization—we help to maximize the commercial values of your work in the target market.

CEO and Executives

Most thriving companies understand that intangible assets are keys to their success and that can help them sustain long-term competitive advantages against their competitors. Proper strategic planning which includes key intangible assets must be utilized to ensure their success today and in the future.


Need immediate support for complex IP proceedings or issues with enforcement of IP rights in the local market? We also accept consultation on IP related infringement cases and dispute resolution.


Dr. Somnuek Charunjitstien

“IDG’s services provide great value and worth to the investment for our company. Their all-in-one services that combine the diverse expertise in IP law, technology, and business, are definitely unique and effective at solving client’s business issues.”

Innovation Manager, PTT Group Public Company Limited

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Supporting 5,000+ Companies, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators from Thailand and Around the World.

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