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A leading Market insight, intellectual property and innovation consulting firm dedicated to designing, protecting, and commercializing your products and innovations. Our expert team of intellectual property lawyers, attorneys, patent agents, designers, and business advisors can help you turn your ideas into the best products and services.

We have been providing the highly quality services and solutions that deliver great values to our customers (see our clients) from large multinational corporations to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), technology start-ups, universities, research institutes, and individuals.



A dynamic and innovative intellectual property (IP) law and consulting firm dedicated to designing,

protecting, and commercializing your brands and innovations, globally.

IDG Services

Design l Protect l Commercialize



Our graphic and industrial designers have helped clients to proactively expand customers’ awareness and loyalty for their brands, products, and innovations. Our design services cover anything from logo, packaging, corporate identity, media banner for digital marketing, to mascot, innovation, and industrial product design works.





We design and protect your logo as trademark. Our trademark attorneys and designers work alongside to ensure your brand is registered.



We can help you create unique packaging design so that it stands out from the crowd and is suitable for area or territories you wish you sell your product.


Company profile & brochure

Our creative designers can help you create your corporate identity and supporting materials that truly reflect your core identity and value that will leave good impression on your customers.


Corporate identity

Corporate identity design is very important for setting strategic direction for your business that will help you win more customers, partners and qualified staff.


Patent registration to protect inventions and industrial designs |Trademark registration to protect logos and brands | IP infringement monitoring & enforcement | IP law advisory

  • Trademark & Brand Registration

    Many new businesses failed to protect their brands effectively, leading to many issues ranging from non-distinctiveness, inability to comply with local trademark law, or unintentional infringement of other’s trademark rights. Thus, we have developed a comprehensive approach to trademark registration by designing your brand and applying from trademark protection so that your brand is protected under the local trademark law. With our international network of trademark attorneys, we can protect your brand internationally through the Madrid Protocol system or directly in any jurisdiction of your choice.

  • Patent Registration

    We provide comprehensive patent registration services for your innovations including your new products, processes, and industrial designs. We can help you register your patents internationally through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system or directly in any jurisdiction of choice. With a strong team of patent agents and engineers, we can expertly craft your patent application to ensure your invention will receive full protection. We also actively provide patentability search, FTO search, validity, and infringement search and analyses on the daily basis.  

  • Brand Monitoring and Enforcement

    We have a novel methodology for monitoring trademark infringement activities using online analytics to detect customer, competitors, and infringers online to analyze whether those voices and mentions reflect any infringement threats to your brand or product. We further leverage trademark and patent publications and registration information to detect for poentially similar marks or inventions filed with the local IP office. The information enables us to detect infringment, gather evidences, and enforce your IP rights by taking appropriate legal actions to stop the infringers immediately.


Technology transfer |Brand extension| Brand and product commercialization strategy training and consulting

Innovation Consulting

We are dedicated to helping you generate a successful innovation strategy to increase the value of your product and innovation. Our combined expertise in business, intellectual property management, design, market research, and engineering, together with our ENLIGHTIVE® methodology shall contribute to the attainment of new consumer insights, understanding competitor R&D activities, as well as forecasting technology and consumer market trends. Our services can help you successfully launch new products or services in Thailand and ASEAN.

Technology Transfer Agency

Licensing is one effective way a technology owner can reap many benefits from intellectual assets and we can help you evaluate the potential of your technology from various aspects and create good licensing strategy. Various forms of partnerships or agency schemes are possible based on our evaluation of the commercial value of your technology.

Thai Government Innovation Funds

We have developed our own solutions to facilitate the applications and ensure granting of government funded research and innovation projects that include both financial and non-financial supports. We can help you prepare documents to meet the application requirements by related public sectors such as NIA and NSTDA.


ENLIGHTIVE® (Englightening + Predictive) is IDG’s proprietary services and solutions utilizing both big data
and IP intelligence—together with our diverse expertise to help our clients accomplish the following goals

  • Visualizing global technology trends in your industry;
  • Understanding competitors and their strategies;
  • Finding Whitespace for your business and product innovations;
  • Identifying key customer insights and market needs;
  • ENLIGHTIVE® Brand Monitoring to monitor, detect, and stop
  • infringement activities.

Our Expert Team

WE ARE PROFESSIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND INNOVATION PRACTITIONERS. Our team is reinforced WITH TALENTED innovation strategists, patent & trademark attorneys, patent engineers & scientists, designers, and business developers. YOU CAN ENTRUST US TO DESIGN, PROTECT, AND COMMERCIALISE YOUR VALUABLE INTANGIBLE ASSETS.


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