Monitoring & Enforcing Your IP rights

Total Brand Enforcement.

IP monitoring is a useful tool for managing a brand/trademark online to ensure that your brand is safe and secure against any online infringers or competitors mocking your brand. In fact, most Thai companies, such as legal offices, operate constant IP monitoring.

We use data-driven, AI (image recognition) technology to monitor your brand 24/7 to provide actionable information you need to protect and enforce your trademark rights .

Brand, Product & Service Monitoring

IDG’s IP Monitoring and Protection Enforcement Advantages.

Licensed trademark attorneys and agents in the target region

Brand monitoring tools that allow 24/7 data collection

In-housed consultants with proficiency in English, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese.

Service Flow

From Copyright Infringement Monitoring to Protection.

Step 1
Decide to Watch Each Jurisdiction or Worldwide

We will help you decide which jurisdictions should be monitor such as​:

  • Country of Origin​
  • Potential Markets​
  • Manufacturing Bases​
  • Competitors’ Markets

Step 2
Official Gazette Watch​​

We will monitor databases of published trademarks for identical or highly similar threats​ as a preventive measure to cease the granting process of the potentially-threatening marks.

Step 3
Inform About Potential Infringers​

We will report opponents or unauthorized third parties​ to you and help you set up a plan for appropriate take-down strategies.

Step 4
File Opposition Worldwide

Search on online platform(s), we will help you monitor unauthorized listings and take down infringers on Online, e-Marketplace ​and web.

Step 5
Safeguard Your Brand

We will provide you with a full range of IP take-down and enforcement services​ as well as hassle-free brand management.

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