Business Valuation & Commercialization

Support Ongoing Businesses

IDG provides valuation and business consulting services for the commercialization of IP and business assets. As your consultant, IDG will support your business expansion to Thailand and ASEAN.

Valuation of the underlying assets will help you assess business opportunities, create effective strategic plans and select the appropriate model to make the highest potential of your intellectual property in order to increase competitive advantage for innovation-driven organizations.

Valuation for Existing Business

IDG’s Business & IP Valuation Advantages.

Staff well-versed in business and IP valuation and management.

Deep understanding of the local business landscape and consumer behavior in the market.

In-house consultants with proficiency in English, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese

Service Flow

From IP and Business Diagnosis & Valuation to Commercialization.

Step 1
IP and Business Diagnosis &  Valuation

Our IP experts and business valuators work alongside to help you assess and valuate the value of the target IP, intangible assets, or the business enterprise using standard  business valuation methodologies.

Step 2
Business Strategy and Development

As you visualize your next phase of business growth in Thailand or the region, we can help you realize the process by accessing your business and financial situations, simulating business strategies and scenarios, and implementing the right strategy. 

Step 3
Business Consult and Support

We offer ongoing, customizable business consultation to help you with your unique business or legal needs on an ad hoc or monthly retainer (short & long-term) basis.

Step 4
Technology & IP Commercialization  Support

We also offer ongoing, customizable IP and tech commercialization support, acting as your agent on an ad hoc or monthly retainer basis.

Step 5
Finalizing the Project

A suggestion based on your business objectives, methodologies, research, analysis will be shared with you as well as all raw data.

Step 6
IP & Legal Advisory

IP protection and related legal procedures may still be needed after the commercialization. We provide professional advisory and support that are essential for your business growth.

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