Engaging Your Customers Digitally

Utilize Digital Marketing in Thailand and ASEAN.

Our digital branding and marketing services will develop a digital brand that suits your target country and contribute to better brand awareness in the market. In addition, we will also promote your brand to your local consumers via specific digital marketing communication strategies and channels in order to engage them into buying your product or use your service.

These services will help you better position your brand to fit the local context while, at the same time, developing your brand’s marketing communication system to make your brand unique and appealing to the local consumers. We focus on creating high-value contents that are customer-centric and inspire their engagements with your brand.

Increase Your Brand Engagement with Local Customers

IDG’s Digital Branding & Marketing Advantages.

Strong understanding of the local business and consumer landscape

Data-driven market analytics tools and apps

In-housed consultants with proficiency in English, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese

Service Flow

From marketing strategies to content creation.

Step 1
Digital Branding Strategy

We will develop strategies for local brands in order to assist them to get better or higher positions than competitors. Also, in terms of planning company growth, customer behavior and solving problems will be our responsibility.

Step 2
Media Planning

We will plan, analyze and decide which channels and the key message that the brands should indicate to their clients.

Step 3
High Value Content Creation

We will create value-content with attractive artworks which suit your company and clients. This service includes:

  • Writing / Revision (in Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese)
  • Promotion Ads
  • Artworks
  • Infographics
  • Caption / Description / Content

Step 4
Online Ads Optimizer

We will optimize the sales, engagements and reaches of your business by advertising through online platforms. This service includes:

  • Scope Demography
  • Measure Reaches and Engagements
  • Measure & Calculate budgets

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