Vision and Mission

Intellectual Design Group Company Limited


“To lead the next-generation intellectual property (IP) services and to help clients transform their business successfully with IP and innovation management.”


  • To enable global access to our next-generation IP services and solutions.
  • To create sustainable markets and networks for the exchange of IPs and innovations.
  • To transform businesses and industries with our IP management solutions.
  • To continuously research, educate, and share knowledge on the topics of IP and innovation.

IDG is a dynamic IP and innovation consulting firm, where we design, protect, and help you commercialize your brand, product, and innovation. Our team of experts can provide the following services:

  • Brand development and creation;
  • Trademark and brand protection;
  • New product design and packaging;
  • Patent protection for new products and designs;
  • Technology analysis and foresight; and
  • IP, innovation, intangible assets strategy consulting.


IDG Head Office


194, 196 ถ.นนทบุรี ต.บางกระสอ อ.เมืองนนทบุรี     จ.นนทบุรี 11000


Singapore Office


100 Cecil Street, #12-01 The Globe Singapore 069532, Singapore


Myanmar Office


INDEGROUP MYANMAR CO., LTD Shwe Ohn Pin Housing 2, No.27, Room 21, Yanshin Street, 5 Ward, Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar