We are specialists in patent registration with more than 15 years of experience. Our team of patent representatives are from multiple fields and backgrounds of engineering and science. We apply internationally recognized professional tools and databases to analyze your technology, innovation to file invention patents, petty patents, and design patents for you, covering both domestic and international to ensure that your innovation can be registered on a global scale with maximum efficiency.

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more than 15 years of experience.

IDG’s multidisciplinary team includes electronics engineering, mechanical engineering,
chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, science and technology.

You can trust that we truly understand your work.

Full Protection for Your Service & Product

IDG’s IP Registration Advantages.

Certified IP attorneys and patent agents in Thailand, Singapore, and Myanmar.

Strong connections with the local IP authorities and examiners

Staff including ex-trademark and ex-patent examiners

Recording Your Trademark Registration With Customs And Border Protection

The recordation process is a tool to protect intellectual property rights at the border.

Some imported goods bear trademarks that are counterfeits or infringing of registered trademarks. The importation of such goods threatens the economy, in some cases, the health and safety of consumers.

If your business’s products are likely targets for international counterfeiters, consider applying to record your trademark registration with Customs and Border Protection.

Recording your trademark registration helps Customs detain and seize imported goods if they violate your recorded trademark.

Why is it important to register trademark in Thailand?

Trademark is a valuable intangible asset that grows over time. Once you have registered the trademark, No one else can register again or to use it without your permission. With limited numbers of word combination that can be registered, trademark functions similarly to a real estate. Protect your Trademark before it’s too late.

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