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Since 2013, our team of highly skilled patent specialists has been a driving force for innovation. We collaborate closely with local innovators and government authorities, fostering a strong foundation in patent literacy.

Our team possess a diverse range of scientific backgrounds, including agricultural technology, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and more, while also consistently undergo rigorous patent training, which allows us to handle patent cases from multiple angles, ensuring the best possible strategy for your invention.

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Secure confidence for product launches in Thailand with our expert patent searches and opinions

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Secure your Thai patent advantage with expert and systematic procedures

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Explore global patents and gain deep insights for strategic planning and innovation



We are specialists in patent registration with more than 15 years of experience. Our team of patent representatives are from multiple fields and backgrounds of engineering and science. We apply internationally recognized professional tools and databases to analyze your technology, innovation to file invention patents, petty patents, and design patents for you, covering both domestic and international to ensure that your innovation can be registered on a global scale with maximum efficiency.

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IDG’s IP Registration Advantages.

Certified IP attorneys and patent agents in Thailand, Singapore, and Myanmar.

Strong connections with the local IP authorities and examiners

Staff including ex-trademark and ex-patent examiners

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