Cookie Policy

When you enter to the Intellectual Design Group Co., Ltd. (“Company”), your information related to the use of website will be collected in the form of Cookies in order to make our website work properly show content and advertisement that are relevant to your interests. This policy will describe what they are, how they work, and how to delete and/or block your cookies for the most benefit of your privacy.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data or message that is sent from the Firm’s web server to your web browser and is then stored on your hard drive. Cookies cannot read data off your hard drive or cookie files created by other sites, and do not damage your system.


How do we use cookies?

Our website use cookie to collect browsing history and user’s preference, information or services of your interests, and analyze such information to develop the services, display content, advertisement or promote activities including services that matched to your interests in order to enhance your satisfaction.

These are two type of cookie we use

  1. Session Cookies: a temporary cookie that stored when you access our website. For example, keep track of the languages ​​you have set and selected. This type of cookie will be deleted when you leave the website.
  2. Persistent Cookie: a cookie that we contain in our website for a specific period or until deleted. This cookie will help our website to recognize your setting when you access to our site in future


Cookie categorizes used

Categorizes Description Example
Strictly Necessary Cookies These types of Cookies are essential to provide the consistency of experience during your journey of surfing our website, as well as remember your information provided through website. However, these type of Cookies cannot be disabled while accessing the Company’s website ·           PHPSESSID

·           JSESSIONID

Functional Cookies These types of Cookies help us to recognize your preferences on our website, for example, it records your account or your font size and other settings. By disable these type of Cookies may result in the website not working properly. ·           fbsr_340486642645761
Performance Cookies These types of Cookies help us to recognize the interaction between you and our website, webpage, and the page in our site that user most often visited as well as performing data analytic. Company shall use such information to improve the performance of the website, where the information collected is unidentified and will only use for statistics purpose. By disable these type of Cookies may result the Company unable to survey the number of visitors to the website, or conduct a service quality assessment. ·           __utmc

·           _hjIncludedInPageviewSample

·           _hjTLDTest

·           _gid

·           __utma

·           __utmb

·           __utmt

·           __utmz

·           _hjid

·           _ga

·           _hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress

·           _hjFirstSeen

Targeting Cookie These types of Cookies are third-parties’ Cookies in which they collect your information in order to advertise their products and services based on your interests. By disable these type of Cookies shall not affect to the Company but it will result the third-party in advertising their products and services inconsistent with your interests.

·           gat_gtag_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

·           _utmv#########


·           YSC

·           NID

·           test_cookie

·           GPS

·           VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE


How long we have to store your cookies?

We retain your cookies as long as necessary to process our website, the duration will depend on what kind of cookie we stored. However, you can set cookie’s preference setting via web browser when you visit our website.

Third-Party Cookies

In order for the Company to can serve or improve the service to better meet your needs, a third-party may be required to assist to process your information. The internet protocol address and Cookie may be needed for statistical analysis. Furthermore, our website may be linked to the third-party’s website, which will be embedded the content or video from the social media, e.g. Facebook or YouTube, where the third-party’s website or social media may have their own Cookie Policy. The Company cannot control or be responsible for those cookies. We also recommend you to read and understand the Cookies Policies of third parties.

How to manage your Cookie?

To manage your Cookies collected by our website, most of the internet browsers set to accept cookies by default. However, you can delete or block Cookie at the Cookie setting on your browser. Therefore, adjusting your Cookie setting may affect the appearance and functionality of our website. If you wish to change the setting, please check the link down below.

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Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

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Mozilla Firefox


Iphone or Ipad (Chrome)

Iphone or Ipad (Safari)

Please be informed that if you choose to disable cookies on your browser or device, it may affect the functionality of certain parts of the Company’s website and may not work or provide services properly.

Notice Amendment

We may amend this Cookie Policy on relevant format and on necessary basis to be consistent the cookie types in the Company’s website. The Company will notify any updated announcements on this website.


In case you have questions about our cookie policy, you can inquire at

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