Training & Workshop

Upskill Yourself To Become Expert in Intellectual Property and Innovation

(All Courses are Available as In-House Training in Thai and English)

IP Creation Training Course

  • Creating trend-driven innovation with IP-Innovation Canvas
  • Patent searching techniques for R&D and innovation development
  • Trademark strategy for brand name design and creation
  • Patent analysis using commercial databases

IP Protection Training Course

  • Fundamentals of IP Law for business
  • Patent drafting and claim analysis
  • International brand & trademark protection
  • Protecting arts and entertainment
  • Protecting trade secrets and organizational knowledge

IP Utilization Courses

  • IP portfolio development strategy for commercialization
  • IP commercialization tactics: Franchising & Licensing
  • Technology valuation for licensing & commercialization

IP Enforcement Courses

  • IP contract management and conflict resolution
  • IP litigation, enforcement, and infringement management