Batteries, capacitors, and semiconductors are essential electronic components widely used in the electronics and automotive industries. These components are found in a variety of devices, including mobile phones, computers, electric vehicles, and household appliances. However, the current production of these components involves the use of heavy metals that pose significant environmental hazards, leading to soil, water, and air pollution.

Graphene, a revolutionary material derived from natural carbon, offers a promising solution to these environmental concerns. With its remarkable properties, graphene has the potential to transform the electronics industry towards a more sustainable future.

The chart clearly shows a consistent upward trend in patent applications related to graphene. This surge can be attributed to China’s significant investment in graphene research and development, particularly within the electronics and automotive industries, which began in 2012.

A breakthrough discovery in 2016 further fueled graphene’s potential. Researchers identified its exceptional electrical properties, including high conductivity, low resistance, high capacitance, and superior thermal conductivity. This discovery opened doors to a wider range of applications for the material. However, production challenges and high costs have caused a plateau in the number of patent applications from 2018 to 2021.

Recognizing the transformative potential of graphene, IDG has conducted an in-depth analysis of patents related to “The potential of graphene in electronic applications.” This comprehensive study aims to provide valuable insights into the technology landscape, enabling informed decision-making for strategic planning, business development, marketing, and research and development initiatives.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Key Market
  • Patent Statistics
  • International Patent Classification
  • Player Competitors
  • Top Filing Destinations of Player Competitors
  • Competitive Technology
  • Market Insights
  • Summary

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