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IDG offer a full range of legal services for the registration, protection, commercialization,
and enforcement of intellectual property and brand assets.

At IDG, we have international IP lawyers and trademark agents who can provide you with consultation services in trademark related issues, i.e. brand name, logo and brand design,

trademark analysis, trademark registration, trademark renewal, and trademark law. Additionally, we provide agreement drafting services, trademark management services, and legalization

services by our certified lawyers. For clients in cosmetic, food, and drug production industries, we provide FDA registration along with trademark services as well.

in Thailand
or Myanmar

  • Logo design
  • Similarity search
  • Trademark application
  • Renewal and assignment
  • Objection/disputation
  • Appeal for an office action

in Foreign Countries

  • Similarity search
  • Trademark application in foreign countries
  • Renewal and assignment
  • Objection/disputation
  • Appeal for an office action

Registration through
Madrid System

  • International trademark registration in more than 120 countries by a one-time application via Madrid system

Legal Business

  • Offer IP consultation services
  • Enforcement of Rights and Dispute Resolution
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Global brand monitoring


  • Fundamentals of IP law
  • IP & branding
  • IP management
  • Trademark search & brand name design

Protect your brand
before it's to late.

IDG is a leading firm providing trademark registration via Madrid system, an international
trademark registration system operated by the World Intellectual Property Organization
which allows trademark registration in more than 120 countries through a one-time



A System Monitoring Trademark Hijacking Around the World

With the latest AI, we can provide monitoring and notification of similar trademark registration in
more than 100 countries around the world which helps you make an objection or withdrawal of
illegal trademark registration in due time, preventing you from damages caused by trademark
hijacking around the world.

International Trademark registration

   It can make sure the mark in question has not yet be registered or in use by another person/ company in the target market. It is possible that trademark office allows some new application that are similar with existing trademark due to incomplete search. Exposing your trademark to the risk of opposition can waste valuable time and cost to rebrand. It is therefore important, wherever possible, to search national trademark databases prior to using a trademark for your export operations

You do not need local trademark to register in foreign countries via Direct Route. However, registering in your own country first will give you stronger grounds to register in other countries. But when it comes to Madrid Route, you must at least own a trademark application in your country before extending the protection through the Protocol.

Direct Route and Madrid Route share the same objective, which is to have your brand protected in foreign countries. However, Madrid Route serves 3 key benefits from its single system feature, comprising of 1) Centralized management 2) Cost-effectiveness 3) Hassle-free maintenance and extension.

If you are registering trademark in multiple countries in ASEAN region, the most cost-effective way is to file through Madrid system. However, for ASEAN members, current Myanmar has yet to join the Madrid Protocol, and you cannot designate Myanmar for protection through Madrid.

You only need to file an international application in one language like English and pay single set of fee in in Swiss 

francs currency. Additionally, for long term maintenance, your will only need to renew your trademark once, and the effects shall be applied to all the granted countries. You will also be able to extend the protection through a subsequent designation, without having to file another trademark application.

Direct filing requires separate applications in different languages in different countries or regions, and paying separate fees in different currencies. There will be numbers of trademark applications you have to maintain and renew, increasing time and cost for the maintenance.

Thailand Trademark Registration

They protect different types of assets. Copyright applies to literary and artistic works, such as books and videos. Trademark protection helps define company brand items, such as logos. Protection period of trademark can last indefinitely whereas copyright protection generally ends 50 years after the death of the author.

A smooth application takes approximately 12-18 months in order to obtain the official registration certificate, nevertheless, the trademark is protected retroactively since the day of its application.

Similarity in sound, appearance, or meaning may be sufficient to support the official to reject your registration. A throughout trademark search prior to the registration can greatly reduce this risk. Once you have found similar mark is already registered. You can redesign your mark to increase its distinctiveness from other marks.

Any person or business can use the TM symbol to indicate a specific word, phrase or logo intended to be used as an identifier of the source of the product or service, and you can use it without registering a trademark. Many companies choose to use the TM symbol to indicate new goods or services before and during the application process.

The R symbol means this word, phrase or logo is a registered trademark of a product or service. It can only be used if the registered trademark is successfully registered. It must also be used only in areas where you have a valid trademark registration.


Copyright means the exclusive right given to the work from action of the creator initiated by using his intelligence, knowledge, ability and industriousness. Also it must not copying the work of others which would result in infringement. The creative of work must be in one of the types of work that protected by the copyright law.

There are 9 types of copyright works, including literature, dance, fine arts, music, audiovisual, cinematic, audio recordings, broadcasting work, or any other work in the literature department Science or Art Department.

No, it does not need to be register first. Once your work is created and fixed in a tangible form, it is protected by copyright and can be created directly or with the help of machinery or equipment.

The copyright protection starts from the created date and last until the end of 50 years after the day that owner dies

To use or publish other’s work, you must always refer to the origin or give credit to the original owner so it will not be considered as a copyright violation. And it must be the case that does not conflict with the normal use of copyright work by copyright owners, including must not unduly affect the rights of the copyright owner.

When a violation occurs, the copyright owner may alert the infringer to stop such action. Or the copyright owner may file a complaint with the police or file a lawsuit in court. Or may request mediation to resolve disputes using mediation services of the Department of Intellectual Property or the court.


FDA supervises health products, such as food, medicine, hazardous substances, cosmetics, drugs, medical devices, and herbal products acquire or produce by manufacturers, or importers. Whether the product is imported or manufactured for distribution in Thailand, they must first acquire permission from FDA.

If you want to import products into Thailand, you should check the classification of the product. Each country has their own laws and regulation as to what needs to be de acquire FDA license. Also, there are different specifications and product definitions for each product in different country.

Distributor Or importer Must request FDA approval Before proceeding to importing and customs clearance, it is also depending on whether the amount of goods is over certain limit. It also varies based on the destination country.

Processing time for FDA can vary from few weeks to even a year. And where to request permission Depend on the product Each product type is not the same.