Law and Litigation


Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property and intangible assets are different from general assets. Hence, it is required to have careful and efficient management and protection in order to develop potentiality of creative works for globalization.

Digital and Technology Law

Presently, technology and internet are keys to changes and opportunities and they also cause risks and problems. Hence, it is important for entrepreneur whose business involves with technology to make plan and follow government policy.

Partnership and Company Law

For a business starter, we provide registration of juristic person, company seal, foreign business, work permit, investment promotion, and employment.

Dispute Resolution

IDG provides dispute resolution services: alternative dispute resolution by mediation and conciliation, and prosecution in court by professional and experienced lawyers.

Commercial and Business Law

IDG provides support for a smooth business operation and reduces possible risks. We will be in charge of trading issue, appointment of agents, contract negotiation, assets, and other commercial legal issues.


Contract Drafting

Assignment of intellectual property
Licensing / Franchising
Technology transfer
Appointment of agents
Trade secret
Commercial agreement

Enforcement of Rights and Dispute Resolution

Negotiation and compromise
Online notification and suspension
Global brand monitoring
Marketing research / Inspection – Arrest
Protection request at a border point


Civil case
Appealing a verdict
Infringement / Claim of damage
Trademark / Patent / Copyright
Trade name / Name of juristic person
Trade secret

Intellectual Property Management

IP portfolio management
Trade secret management
Values assessment
Analysis of freedom to operate


Juristic person registration
Work permit request
Notarial services
E-commerce and E-business

Rules and Regulations

Protection of personal information,
food, drink, supplementary food,
cosmetic, and body-care products

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