Intangible Assets Management

As our global economy has become more intangible assets-driven, many businesses and organizations must rethink new ways to create sustainable values for their customers and stakeholders. No longer can we rely on assets like properties, buildings, inventories, equipment, or natural resources to ensure our future success. It is reported that more than 85% of enterprise value of the top companies in S&P 500 index in 2015 came from intangible assets (see chart). Today, most successful companies in the world have already exploited intangible assets—such as brands, data, algorithms, patents, trade secrets, etc.—to generate sustainable income streams and big profit margins.

IDG believes that the most important step to transform any business into intangible assets-driven organization is NOT to accumulate as many patents, trademarks, or other IPs as possible from the beginning. In fact, it is to create the Right Team, Right System, and Right Process that best align with the client’s values, and long-term business goals and strategy. We strongly believe that any business of any size can benefit from our proprietary Total IA TransformationTM Framework (below) to create sustainable advantages that most of their competitors may have overlooked and would never realize. The 3 Phases of IA Transformation will be a very intense business transformation experience our client will encounter and we are committed to work our hardest to make that successful change in our client’s organization.

IDG’s TOTAL Intangible Assets (IA) Transformation

  • Cross-functional IA & IP Management Team
  • IA Strategist Leading the Transformation with IA & IP
  • IA & IP Policy and Management System
  • IA & IP Strategy
  • IA & IP Education & Employee Onboarding
  • IA & IP Portfolio Development & Business Alignment
  • Open IA/IP/Innovation Initiative Development
  • Infringement Management & Monitoring
  • Technology Landscaping & Foresighting


  • IA & IP Monetization Team, Process, and System
  • Monetization Routes (e.g. Licensing, Franchising, JV, Spin-offs, etc.)
  • IA & IP-Based Income Stream & Royalty Management

IDG’s TOTAL Intangible Assets (IA) Transformation

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