There are several steps that can be taken to design a brand for localization. We would like to raise some interesting issues and expect to be useful for brands entering the local market.


Research the target market  : Of course, the first That you should consider is knowing and understanding the cultural, linguistic, and regulatory differences of the target market and tailor the brand accordingly. 

Content : Translate all text and content into the local language, including product descriptions, packaging, and marketing materials. The more accessible your content is, the better.

Adapt imagery and graphics : Make adjustments accordingly. Is another key to adapt imagery and graphics of your brand and make gain market share. With cultural differences, these visual adjustments will help your brand reach out to your target audience and be remembered for them.

Modify features and functionality : Consider how the product or service may be used differently in the target market and make any necessary adjustments.

Localize branding and marketing : Develop a localized branding and marketing strategy that resonates with the target market.

Cultural and language sensitivity :  It is an important issue that should not be overlooked. Be sensitive to cultural and language differences and avoid any content that may be considered offensive or insensitive.

Test :  Always test the localized version of the product or service with the target market to ensure it is well-received and effective. In order to improve and develop.

Local team involvement : Involve local team members in the localization process to ensure that the final product or service is tailored to the target market and culturally relevant.

Continuous improvement : Continuously monitor the localization process to ensure that the product or service remains relevant to the target market and adapt as necessary.

By these steps, a brand can be designed in a way that is tailored to the target market and is more likely to be well-received by local consumers. and now we have local specialists ready to give advice to support your brand move to Asean.

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