The Entrepreneurs who want to import the products into Thailand should know about Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Registration in Thailand. Especially if you want to import drugs and hazardous substance, medical supplies, food supplements, animal health products, cosmetics into Thailand you need to apply to the Thai FDA license beforehand because the application time frame varies according to the type of product. For example, the estimated time to import cosmetics products can take 15 to 30 days. Basic medical equipment and toxic substances can take approximately 1 to 4 months. Food and medicinal products will take roughly 3 to 5 months.

FDA Application For Drugs

The FDA divided the drugs are as up-to-date, basic medicines, traditional medicines, and veterinary medicines.  Each species has its own set of requirements.  Basic medicines are further divided into new drugs with labelled and new drugs without labelled.  The Thai FDA issues drug licenses indefinitely.

Tips For Registration Drugs:  follow ASEAN Harmonized Product on Pharmaceutical Registration Agreement. Conduct a review of a good registry assessment according to the standards WHO Good Review Practices: Guidelines for National and regional Regulatory Authorities and WHO Good Regulatory Practices in the Regulation of Medical Products

FDA Application For Medical Devices

Medical devices are inspected by a special department of the FDA.  Medical devices are divided into three groups.  The first group is IVD.  The second group is Non-IVD.

Tips for Registering Medical Devices: completeness of documents such as ISO13485 or Coding and Name of Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) It is a compilation of the names of various countries known to be used to describe and display medical devices accurately and precisely. Products used to diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat or mitigate human disease or injury.

FDA Application For Cosmetics

There are two types of cosmetics depending on the ingredients.  Controlled Cosmetics: The FDA must be notified of a list of ingredients before it is released to the market.  It usually takes 1 day.  Special Controlled Cosmetics: if contain specially controlled ingredients, you must apply for a permit to use this product.  It can take up to a month.

Tips for Registering Cosmetics: Create a PRODUCT INFORMATION FILE (PIF), which contains all product information, such as product safety information and the safety profile of each ingredient in the product, etc. kept at the place of business and must be handed over to the competent authorities upon request. Follow the basic rules of the production method/water. Imported cosmetic products (COSMETIC GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE: GMP)


FDA Application For Hazardous Substances

There are four types of hazards substances. The first type is the least dangerous, so the importation of this product does not require an application, but it is checked by special procedures. The second type need to be watched and controlled; You need to acquire registration certificates from FDA before any operations with this type of substance. The third type also requires strict inspection and FDA certification. Finally, the fourth type can be plant, animals, and substances that can endanger to the environment. The production, importation and Exportation of these substances are prohibited by law.

Tips for Registrations hazardous substances: Documents that entrepreneurs must submit for consideration of registration are:

  • The label of the product to be released.
  • Ingredients Formula – Must specify chemical name. In the case that it is a trade name, there must be a document stating the chemical name of that trade name.

– Must specify formula with 100% complete ingredients

– Must specify the active ingredient (active ingredient) and function of every substance in the formulation.

– Ratio The key must be exactly as stated in the statement. Application for registration (Wor./SorThor. 1)

in the case of this product import from abroad The ingredient formula document must be the original document issued and certified by a foreign manufacturer.

  • Production process Packing and labeling
  • Physical and chemical properties.
  • Product Safety Data Sheet (SDS : Safety data sheet)
  • Performance test results. (In the case of products that prevent insects and other animals / disinfectants and bleach products)
  • Analytical results of important substances. (In case the product contains hazardous substances in

List of hazardous substances, 61 items that must be submitted for analysis of important substances)

  • Certificate of Free Sales

FDA Application For Food

If you want to import food, you have to apply for import license at Thai FDA in Thailand. Food production methods and ingredients are authorized only if they meet FDA standards.  Food import licenses are renewed every three years.

Tips for Registrations food and Food Supplements: The completeness of documents is crucial, such as labels, analysis results, 100% formula. Factory Certification GMP, ISO 22000 and follow CODEX protocol

FDA License

To received Food or drug import licenses need a lot of information. Certificates and supporting documents from other authorities are also helpful if the FDA application.  A well-written, well-documented indication by a Thai FDA specialist could also help speed up FDA approval. FDA taxes varies based on the material applied for.

The required information also depends on the product category. For instances, food related application usually requires ISO22000 GMP, Medical Devices require ISO13485, hazardous substances require Safety data sheet.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when it comes to FDA registration for importation in Thailand. IDG  recommends you engage in our professional FDA services to save time and to have the best chance of a successful FDA application.

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