IDG has a team of experts with knowledge in many different fields.

IDG Thailand provides IP consultation in a one-stop service, using modern and efficient tools. Our team comes from various field of knowledge based on their many years of experience in the following skills:

  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Marketing
  • Science and Technology
  • Legal
To provide one-stop IP services for you.

Patent Analytics

The process of screening and analyzing in-depth information from related patent information at various levels and formats, whether it is industrial or technological innovation to give you an overview of technology or in-depth information that covers multiple dimensions, both at domestic and internationally worldwide level. This will bring you the maximum benefits for strategic planning or decision making for marketing plan, including elevating your technological innovation
to become a leader in the market.

Why do you need IDG’s Patent Analytics Service?

Our team specialized in many years of experience in engineering, science, business development and protecting intellectual property rights. We are ready to give you advices and lead you to the destination you set your heart on.

Who is it for?

R&D Personnel

Developing technology
innovation to be more
satisfying to the customers

Business, Investor

Evaluating in-sight technology
and innovation as well as
the capacities of the Company
to invest in the market


Transfering technology from
institutions to the highest
benefits for commercialization


Not only the concept of patent, trademark, and other types of intellectual property help protect your brands, products, and business processes. Implementing them correctly, these intellectual property can bring you endless value.

What happen after intellectual property registration? Do you know what intangible assets your business own? Logos, trade secrets, products and copyright; all are intellectual property. These things are considered assets, like houses or cars, with limited lifetime. With inefficient management, it would be as if we purposelessly abandoned our cars and homes. Over time, these assets will be devalued and we could barely gather any use of them, or we might not benefit anything from them.


IDG provides service for market readiness assessment and market research for foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as the consumer products industry.These services cover all 3 major markets in ASEAN such as Thailand, Myanmar and Singapore. After market entry research, if you are interested in searching for potential partners, importers, or distributors for your products, we can help you as local business development representative in the area you choose.We will create interesting proposals and cooperate with potential partners on your behalf. We can arrange meetings between you and potential partners to chat.

Before you start a business partnership, in the form of importers / distributors, R&D representative,or franchise licensing, IDG has an attorney team providing legal advice to negotiate, draft trade agreements on your behalf.We also follow up your case to ensure that the terms and conditions are handled efficiently.


Licensing & Franchising is a great way to expand your business, IP assets, innovation, and business model into emerging markets. IDG provides franchise licensing consultancy service to help our clients expand their market into Thailand, Myanmar, or Singapore. Our franchise consultants will evaluate your business’s readiness for these services as well as analyze the promsing possibilities so that you would get an idea of ​​ythe following market expansion strategy: Conducting customer surveys to learn your products popularity from local customers and/or searching for your potential franchisees, or providing legal advice to help you build a franchise system.